Spa de plein air

The Spa (Jacuzzi) is a great source of well-being. Within a few minutes it erases the stress and the tiredness after intense daily activity. The impact goes far beyond the bathing pleasure: you are relaxed, rested and toned up.

The combined effects of the hot water, the feeling of weightlessness and the massage action are the ingredients for a good hydrotherapy.

Massage, rhythmic pressure of mixed water and air jets, soothes tension and aching muscles and enhances the effect of hot water on the body fluids. That way a full hydromassage session improves the feeling of well-being and frees your mind so that you can be in harmony with the world around you.

The outdoor Spa is open from April until October.

Spa au domaine de la Piale 
Spa en pleine nature, outdoor Spa (Jacuzzi) 
Massage de reaxation

Upon request, Adeline is trained and qualified for wellness massages, upon request she will be happy to take you in her hands!

Relaxation, well-being, serenity... The massage has beneficial properties for the body and the mind. It balances the muscle tone throughout the body, releases the breath and promotes our energy circulation with a powerful effect. It leads to deep relaxation that reinforces the impression of unity and rooting of the body. It removes the stress and the reconciles the body and the mind. Massage sharpens the felt emotion and the senses. Self-esteem is often growing. Body and mind flourish together.

Relaxation massages are non-therapeutic and non-sexual.

About 1 hour session: 50 €uros.

Either upon request, or included in the "well-being offer".

Photo massage 1 
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